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IONATE wins selection for Free Electrons 2022

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

IONATE will be powering the future as part of this year’s Free Electrons, the highly acclaimed energy technology scale-up programme.

Out of 500 start-up applications from 77 countries, IONATE rose to the top 15 through multiple rounds of rigorous selection with utility judges from American Electric Power, CLP, E.ON, EDP, ESB, and Origin Energy.

The initiative – now in its sixth edition – is focused on connecting high impact tech innovators with leading energy utilities. Breakthrough start-ups come from across the energy ecosystem, through clean energy and mobility to storage and connectivity.

The selected finalists partake in a series of online- and in-person modules, where they will work closely with mentors to accelerate real-world adoption of their cutting-edge solutions.

For IONATE, this means working with utility partners toward piloting the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer in their networks.

The HIT can integrate into distribution substations by replacing traditional transformers. Yet this simple exchange adds superior capabilities: on top of the transformer function, the HIT uniquely provides sensing & monitoring, dynamic voltage control, power factor correction and harmonics removal, all in one device. Integrating HITs can be game-changing for distribution network- and system operators, as it provides a robust technology path to reliable and affordable operational control in a decarbonised grid.

As collaboration is already underway with the Free Electrons partners, IONATE will be excited to share its progress along the way. Next stop: Chicago.


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