The Smart Hybrid Transformer

Intelligent real-time optimisation through dynamic magnetic control. 

IONATE's innovation is a new type of power-flow control device – the Smart Hybrid Transformer. It is a drop-in replacement for existing transformers, and capable of controlling three critically important power characteristics simultaneously.

Independent Phase Voltage Control

Distribution grid voltage profiles are complex and vary constantly. Increased visibility and control enables more renewables and electric vehicles, whilst improving stability and efficiency.

Harmonic & Transient Removal

Poor power quality due to harmonics and transients are estimated to cost the UK and EU economies in excess of £180 billion annually. 

Power Factor Correction

Poor power factor reduces the amount of active power the grid can carry. Without correction energy bills are higher and more grid infrastructure is needed.


Control in the magnetics

IONATE utilises magnetics in a way not previously applied in the electricity system. This enables a single device that delivers the reliability and simplicity of a transformer, together with the dynamics and responsiveness of a power electronics solution. 

This innovation means IONATE's grid-scale medium and low voltage devices operate using power electronics at much lower power levels. By utilising the dynamic precision of these electronics to correct the magnetic field within the core, rather than the flow of electricity through the grid itself, IONATE's Smart Hybrid Transformer is not only cheaper than alternative solutions, but also more reliable.

The result: a device superior to any existing power flow control technology. 

Electromagnetic Core

The IONATE electromagnetic core utilises a unique patented configuration. It can operate as a normal transformer, but can also control the magnetic energy pathway to deliver dynamic functionality.

Scalable: can be scaled for power ratings from VA to MVA.

Reliable: without control the core reverts to operating as a traditional transformer.

Compact: similar size and footprint to conventional transformer.


The IONATE Smart Hybrid Transformer employs a controller module with electronics at a comparatively low power level. The module is electrically disconnected from the high power flowing through the device core.

Intelligent: autonomous and centralised control modes.

Precise: real-time kHz dynamic control.

Efficient: minimal switching losses.

Affordable: low power electronics for high power devices.

IONATE is a technology company developing next generation Smart Hybrid Transformers.  IONATE's technology revolutionises power-flow control and enables the truly future-proof electricity grid.



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