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City Electrical Grid


Applications across different sectors

IONATE's Hybrid Intelligent Transformer replaces traditional transformers at any power level, from local distribution to transmission.

Wherever highly dynamic power-flow control is required, IONATE delivers the most reliable and cost effective hardware technology.

Electricity Grid

Electricity Grids

Wind Farm

Wind Generation

Solar Farm

Solar & Storage

Electrical Grid
App - Grid

IONATE’s technology replaces transformers within the grid.

Grid operators experience significant challenges in maintaining system reliability. Increasing penetration of renewables and unpredictable loads are causing growing imbalances in power flows. Upgrading the network with improved power flow-control capabilities to resolve this becomes imperative as the energy transition progresses. 


IONATE’s Hybrid Intelligent Transformer is a cost effective solution offering grid operators the control, visibility, and flexibility they need to balance their networks. Unlike other devices that add external layers of hardware and software to the electricity grid, IONATE’s Hybrid Intelligent Transformer is designed to build into the existing network and reinforce the system from within.

Grid Functions

Real time power quality

Independent phase voltage control

Power factor correction

System inertia

Grid Benefits

Reduction in CAPEX

Improved grid reliability

Increased network capacity

Increased grid visibility & control

Consumer Benefits

Reduction in blackouts

More rooftop solar

More electric vehicles

Lower energy prices

Wind Farm
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App - Wind

IONATE’s technology replaces transformers in the turbine and substation.

Wind energy, like other renewables, produces a highly variable output. As the proportion of wind generation grows, the electricity grid becomes increasingly fragile, in part due to the lack of system inertia previously provided by fossil fuel generation.

To compensate for this, additional expensive technologies are required for wind turbines, increasing costs and decreasing reliability. IONATE's technology removes the need for these additional assets, reducing cost and complexity, whilst simultaneously reducing failure rates through improved output power quality.


Reduced number of turbine faults

Reduction in transformer failures

Higher security of supply


Improved generation export capability to grid

Longer asset lifetimes

Reduction in losses


Eliminate CAPEX for supplementary correction equipment

Reduced ongoing OPEX related to hardware service and faults

Solar Farm
App - Solar

IONATE’s technology replaces grid-tie transformers.

Renewable energy and battery storage projects are increasingly critical components of the energy transition. Often, where these technologies are needed most, existing grid infrastructure is unfit to absorb the non-synchronous, intermittent, and unstable types of power these projects can deliver.

Network operators respond by imposing onerous power-flow control requirements on new renewables projects and curtail the output of existing projects, often rendering projects uneconomic. Power electronics based technologies can provide solutions to the technical issues and allow projects to meet grid code, but these are unreliable and costly.

IONATE’s Hybrid Intelligent Transformer is a reliable and cost effective solution. Projects that would otherwise be uneconomic and not built due to the significant cost of installing power electronics based power-flow control devices become economic, and are completed and able to contribute to the energy transition.

Grid-Scale Solar

Reduced CAPEX for solar project grid connections

Improved generation export capability to grid

Reduced OPEX related to hardware service & faults

Reduction in failures & in losses

Grid-Scale Storage

Improved battery charge/discharge performance & efficiency

Longer battery lifetime

Reduced electronics failure rates

Reduced OPEX related to hardware service & faults

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