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NATO chooses IONATE for prestigious DIANA programme

IONATE is one of the tech pioneers selected to join the first NATO Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). Beyond representing a vote of confidence, this win also brings expert support and non-dilutive funding for the IONATE team.

Over the past months, we took part in a rigorous selection process, encompassing a multi-stage global competition of over 1300 cutting-edge startups. Landing in DIANA’s top 45 rewards IONATE with a €100,000 initial grant and ongoing support from the NATO ecosystem to further evolve our technology.

In its call for innovation, NATO sought technologies with dual-use potential, ready to navigate both government and private sectors. Solutions had to be bold, addressing hard-to-tackle global issues, along one of the three challenge verticals of the programme.

Our mission to transform power grids for the energy transition resonated perfectly with the Energy Resilience track. IONATE's advanced hardware-software turns passive, old electricity grids into smart, flexible, multi-highway platforms and can be a key enabler of more reliable, secure, decarbonised power systems.

Working with DIANA, we are exploring new applications where our tech can add value, particularly as building blocks of resilient microgrids. Over the next six months, we will work with NATO’s global network spanning industry, academia, and government to maximise our impact. At the same time, we will join MassChallenge in Boston as part of a select cohort within the DIANA programme in preparation for scaling with this unique opportunity.

As we embark on this collaborative journey, our vision remains a future powered by smart, sustainable and reliable electricity systems worldwide.


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