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IONATE and IBNE collaborate to revolutionise flexible power solutions

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

IONATE joins forces with Infra Balance New Energy (IBNE) to help decarbonise the UK power system. As part of the collaboration, IBNE will look to utilise IONATE’s game-changing technology in their power generating projects, enabling the flexible energy systems needed for Net Zero.

London, 12.09.2022, IBNE, a premium provider of flexible and dynamic energy storage and power solutions, announces today to work together with IONATE, a deep-tech power innovator with a pioneering power-flow control solution. The agreement sets out a framework through which IBNE’s portfolio of newly built projects can benefit from IONATE’s Hybrid Intelligent Transformer (HIT) technology. The first deployment is expected to be a pilot project launching in 2023, followed by deployment of IONATE’s HITs in IBNE’s portfolio of projects and partner distribution grids in the UK. The goal is to make these systems more robust, flexible, and productive in support of Net Zero.

The energy transition brings a complete overhaul of the power-flows running through the grid, making an already delicate system enormously more complex. New assets and fundamental technology innovation will be key for maintaining reliable operation of the power grid. Flexible assets help system balancing through resolving intermittency, while visibility and power-flow control enable instantaneous system management and highest power quality.

Together, IBNE and IONATE holistically address these issues. IBNE provides essential infrastructure, currently developing over 500MW of flexible power generation and battery storage assets with another 1.5GW+ under appraisal. IONATE’s technology equips key electricity players with real-time data and comprehensive power-flow control through its hardware-software innovation. Through integrating IONATE’s HIT technology, IBNE will build the most productive, reliable, and flexible assets maximising their contribution to achieving the UK’s Net Zero goals.

IONATE’s CEO Matthew Williams saidIONATE is an enabling technology at its core: we maximise not simply asset productivity, but the range of possibilities that connected assets can be used for in delivering a flexible and responsive energy system. Storage is an essential pillar of our sustainable energy future and highly synergistic with what we do at IONATE. We are excited that in IBNE we have found a visionary collaborator in this field.
William Andrews, IBNE’s CEO commented:We are delighted to have commenced this collaboration with IONATE, a truly innovative partner that shares our vison of deploying technology to deliver a flexible and efficient energy system for the UK. The journey to Net Zero remains challenging and collaborations, like this one, are essential if we are to deliver more sustainable, secure and ultimately cheaper energy. Together, we are enabling UK’s Net Zero future.

More about IONATE

IONATE works to transform power systems through deep-tech innovation. Its patented hardware, the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer, provides control functionalities sought by DSOs, renewable and storage operators at a reliability and price point not previously achievable. One device alone brings real-time data, dynamic voltage control, power factor correction, and harmonics removal. But a network of Hybrid Intelligent Transformers, coordinated by IONATE’s AI platform, unlocks true systemic responsiveness as the energy system transitions.

IONATE recently raised £3.3 million to scale its operations. Its notable achievements include winning the EIC’s Future Energy System Award, winning selection to Free Electrons, EDP Energy Starter, and EnergyLab scale-up programmes to work with utilities to trial technology in distribution grids, and winning selection to ORE Catapult’s Launch Academy programme to apply technology to offshore wind.

More about IBNE

IBNE is a commercially responsible energy company that is capitalising on the exponential growth in supporting the transition to net zero, enabling renewables deployment. We are at the forefront of this transition with our flexible generation potential and are currently developing more than 500MW of assets with another 1.5GW under appraisal.

To become and remain the premium provider of flexible and dynamic power solutions we have formed several non-exclusive strategic relationships with leading providers of the industry’s ecosystem, including Electricity North-West Construction and Maintenance (ENWCML), Fluence, Statkraft, and continue working similarly with others.


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