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Transforming Power.

A building block of smart grids.

Wherever electricity is consumed, generated, or moved there is a transformer. This key technology has not changed in 100+ years.

IONATE’s next generation hardware

replaces transformers and for the first time, enables real-time control in these nodal points. It removes the need for expensive add-on devices and transforms the system at its very foundations.

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"The IONATE Hybrid Intelligent Transformer has the potential to be a game-changer, replacing conventional passive transformers with state-of-the-art real-time control nodes."

Luís Manuel, Executive board member of EDP Innovation

A solution for the energy transition.

Our Hybrid Intelligent Transformer – or HIT as we call it – monitors and controls key properties of power in real-time with millisecond-level precision. It offers a reliable, affordable, plug-and-play control device for energy players across the grid.

Explore our wide-ranging hardware use cases here:

Electricity Grid

Electricity Grids

Offshore Wind

Wind Generation

Solar Farm

Solar & Storage

Our partners

A system that optimises itself.

HITs light up control nodes in a previously passive network. As more and more HITs are activated, they work in concert to unlock systemic benefits.

Minimise losses

Minimise Losses

Less energy is lost during distribution, keeping costs and emissions down.

More renewables

More Renewables

Enables more wind and solar generation to be reliably added.

Increase capacity

Increase Capacity

Allows more electricity to be delivered through existing infrastructure.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum Flexibility

Allows dynamic control of the system to continually adapt to situations.

Perfect Power Quality

Improves efficiency and lifetime of equipment.

Perfect power quality


Real-time monitoring and control of the electricity grid-edge.


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