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Transforming Power.

A revolution for grid-scale power flow control


Wherever electricity is consumed, generated, or moved there is a transformer. This critical technology has not changed in over 100 years, and is now unable to serve the needs of a dramatically evolving electricity network.

IONATE’s next generation technology replaces transformers and removes the need for expensive additional makeshift devices.

Lightbulb Innovation
Optimal by design

IONATE's Hybrid Intelligent Transformers target flexibility and resilience at strategic points of the electricity system. 

At all power levels, they deliver superior performance that is reliable and cost-effective. 

Minimise losses

Minimise Losses

Less energy is lost during distribution, keeping costs and emissions down.

More renewables

More Renewables

Enables more wind and solar generation to be reliably added.

Increase capacity

Increase Capacity

Allows more electricity to be delivered through existing infrastructure.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum Flexibility

Allows dynamic control of the system to continually adapt to situations.

Perfect Power Quality

Improves efficiency and lifetime of equipment.

Perfect power quality


Real-time monitoring and control of the electricity grid-edge.

A catalyst for the energy transition

Optimum power-flow control has system-wide implications. Individual IONATE devices deliver substantial benefits in multiple applications. In combination they can have a true multiplier effect on their value-add for the energy transition.

Electricity Grid

Electricity Grids

Offshore Wind

Wind Generation

Solar Farm

Solar & Storage


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