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Transformer R&D Engineer

Salary: £50,000 - £70,000

Full-time hybrid with London office base

Requiring knowledge in transformer design and development, this position will involve working directly with our Senior Transformer R&D Engineer. You will play a key role in developing and implementing new transformer designs, taking concepts through to commercial product for customers.  

With a focus on electrical design and simulation, you will be active in initiating analyses, design reviews, technical discussions and will have an innovative approach with engineering reasoning. Importantly, your work will include supporting project and test activities and help to ensure that these are completed within schedule. 

What you will do:

  • Develop new distribution transformer concepts – diving deep into the electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, and material design. 

  • Produce technical requirements and specifications based on customer requirements and design concepts. 

  • Simulate and model transformer designs and analyse parameters such as losses and faults, using the results to tune and optimise designs. 

  • Produce CAD / CAE designs following a verification and validation process.  

  • Ensure that all designs, respect safety, quality, and international standards. 

  • Create and maintain process documents, technical reports, product manuals, and white papers.  

  • Actively support our multi-disciplinary team including electrical, power electronics, control and embedded systems, and software engineers. 

What you will need:

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent. 

  • Proven transformer/R&D experience (5+ years) 

  • Sound knowledge of single and three phase oil filled distribution transformers. 

  • Good understanding of transformer grid integration and protection schemes.  

  • Good understanding of electrical, magnetic field and heat and oversaturation spots analysis.   

  • Ability to use FEM / BEM numerical methods and engineering constraints.  

  • Sound knowledge of transformers and related standards: IEC, IEEE/ANSI, Ecodesign. 

  • Experience in design procedures, calculations, modelling, simulations, and material selection.  

  • Experience using MATLAB/ ANSYS/ MAGNET or equivalent software to simulate and model transformer designs. 

  • Experience with manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and testing of distribution transformers in substations.  

  • Can work to clear timescales and collaborate with a cross functional team to deliver projects on time. 

  • An ability to work on projects with ambitious product targets. 

  • Communication skills enabling you to work with multiple departments across the globe. 

  • A drive to learn new things! 


It would be useful to have:

  • Experience and knowledge of transformer FAT, standards, and site commissioning. 

  • Experience with distribution transformer design and optimization is preferred. 

  • Knowledge and experience in transformer thermal calculation and mechanical design/ CAD is preferred. 

  • Willingness to, at times, travel for testing and commissioning.  


Your benefits:

  • Flexible working schedules: You will be based in our modern West London offices but will have the flexibility for hybrid work-from-home arrangements. Talk to us at the application stage about any scheduling preferences you may have.  

  • Employee Option Plan: You get equity in IONATE, so as we succeed so do you.  

  • Company pension: a competitive, flexible, and sustainable pension product to help you plan for your future.

  • Career Development: It’s important to us that you have the opportunity for ongoing professional development and career growth.  

  • Cycle to Work and EV scheme: Low carbon travel is important for everyone, so we have in place both cycle and EV schemes to help you purchase a bicycle or electric car.  

  • Slow travel: We believe in a low carbon future, so if you wish to travel by a lower carbon method – but it takes much longer than flying - we will give you an extra 2 days holiday per year.  

Apply via Workable here

IONATE has a friendly team that collaborates and supports one-another. If you don’t fit all the description above, but you are passionate about the work we are doing and could add value to our team, please get in touch. We believe in making positions fit the skills of people, not the other way around. We are also committed to providing equal opportunities, an inclusive work environment, and fairness for everyone. We value diversity in race, gender identity, sexuality, age, family or civil status, disability, religion, or ethnicity and encourage you to apply wherever you come from.  

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