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IONATE wins Best Startup at CIRED

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

We took home CIRED’s Best Startup award at the organisation’s flagship event in 2023. Selected by the CIRED committee’s electricity distribution experts, the award represents a strong vote of confidence from those who monitor and shape the cutting edge of the sector.

The International Conference on Electricity Distribution is the biennial platform for professionals, researchers, and innovators in the field of electricity distribution. Held in Rome, this year’s event brought a global perspective, with industry specialists from around the world. Among them IONATE was welcomed as one of ten select startup exhibitors.

With a general focus on adapting the grid for flexibility, IONATE stood out with its hardware-software innovation, presenting a robust whole-system solution. A talk by founder & CEO Matthew Williams detailed the benefits of IONATE’s Hybrid Intelligent Transformer: greater flexibility for distributed energy resources, increased capacity, and reduced power losses. These system-level advances, enabled by an elegant design resonated with the ambitions of energy experts now looking into viable technology paths towards Net Zero.

Indeed, we received great expert feedback, which culminated on the final night’s gala dinner, when IONATE was awarded Best Startup prize by the International CIRED committee – an excellent finish to four days of discussions with the industry. Thank you to the committee and partners for hosting us. We’re already looking forward to CIRED 2025!

Source: CIRED.


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