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IONATE welcomes Head of Software at the Web Summit

In a fitting kick off to this year’s Web Summit, we are proud to share that the CTO behind one of the world’s first real-time peer-to-peer energy trading systems, Fritz Dimmel is joining IONATE, taking the lead on the company’s energy systems optimisation platform. Fritz’s move comes after successfully exiting his own startup, which was a first mover of real-world prosumer interactions in Austria.

Before his entrepreneurial success, Fritz spent a decade with Siemens AG as Solutions Architect for Grid Operator software systems. There, he saw the need for urgent systemic innovation which ultimately led him to IONATE. In his words:

“After more than 10 years in the utilities industry, I think the most important thing is to have a smarter system. IONATE - with its Hybrid Intelligent Transformers - will be key to the grid of tomorrow by enabling real-time control mechanisms. I'm really excited to join IONATE as Head of Software to help shaping the future of more renewable energy in a better and safer grid.”

Our team is equally thrilled to have Fritz on board. His diverse expertise in automation and digitalization systems is invaluable to IONATE’s next phase of growth, following our Seed Raise of £3.3 million this August. As full-scale Hybrid Intelligent Transformer devices enter testing and pilot trials next year, so will IONATE’s digital platform come to the spotlight.

“Though we talked less about IONATE’s software product until now, it really is the thread tying together our vision of the future power system. Naturally, we were very careful in selecting the right leader to take charge of this. Fritz is an absolute superstar, who has not only built game-changing energy management systems before, but also thrived living the startup life. He shares our mission and is an all-around great fit for our team.” – said IONATE's Founder & CEO Matthew Williams.

When he is not working on our energy future, Fritz enjoys time with his wife and their two kids, cooking, and evenings together with a good glass of wine. He loves going on bicycle tours with his friends, watching their handball team and from time to time, he’s in the mood for playing the piano or practicing the saxophone with his son.

Welcome to the team, Fritz!


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