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IONATE at Hello Tomorrow

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Quantum computing, AI, flying cars...Hello Tomorrow celebrates the deep tech that’s shaping our future – and IONATE is now one of Hello Tomorrow's pioneers, as the enabler of the energy system that’s ready for all this innovation.

Throughout the two-day flagship Summit in Paris, deep techpreneurs, investors and stakeholders came together to learn about the most cutting-edge solutions to global issues. The top 70 startups on stage - including IONATE - were selected from a pool of over 4000, and were unique in having fundamental scientific discovery at the heart of their innovation.

This is key for IONATE. We see iterative technologies that can help with small improvements, but are continuously failing to tackle the radical challenges of today - and hinder progress of the energy transition. Challenging the status quo through game-changing engineering is the way our power systems can reach the net zero goals on time.

Watch IONATE's presentation by Founder & CEO Matthew here:


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