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Product Engineer

Salary: £40,000 - £50,000 + benefits

What you will do:

  • Preparing, scheduling, coordinating and monitoring assigned technical and engineering projects.

  • Resolving any problems with the team, plans and budget to ensure that the project flows smoothly.

  • Identifying potential problems with the project, leading the team into developing solutions and ensuring that they are implemented.

  • Contributing to strategic planning.

  • Hosting frequent meetings with teams to build morale and inform them of their daily activities.

  • R&D grants documentation and reporting

  • Assistance in the documentation for customers and business development

  • Reporting on project progress.


What you will need:

  • Experienced engineering knowledge and project management skills

  • A background in electrical engineering or similar.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible working schedules - You can be based in our brand-new West London offices but will have the flexibility for hybrid work-from-home arrangements. Talk to us at the application stage about any scheduling preferences you may have. 

  • Employee Option Plan – You get equity in IONATE, so as we succeed so do you. 

  • Career Development – It’s important to us that you have the opportunity for ongoing professional development and career growth. 

Apply by sending your CV to Mark here

IONATE has a friendly team of engineers that collaborate and support one-another. Even if you don’t fit all of the description above, but you are passionate about the work we are doing and could add value to our team, please apply! We believe in making positions fit the skills of people, not the other way around. We are also committed to provide equal opportunities, an inclusive work environment, and fairness for everyone. We value diversity in race, gender identity, sexuality, age, family or civil status, disability, religion, or ethnicity and encourage you to apply wherever you come from.

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