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Vision of the future power system

IONATE’s vision is to create the truly future-proof grid by revolutionising existing technology: turning transformers into digital, smart devices that can serve as the underpinning of a new, more productive, multi-highway power system.

The nature of electricity demand and supply has changed dramatically. As economies work to achieve net-zero CO2, the decentralisation and decarbonisation of energy accelerates.

IONATE's Hybrid Intelligent Transformer is a technology enabler, integrating with other software and hardware solutions and allowing them to deliver even more.

Together we will achieve a future energy system with a flexible, affordable, and reliable backbone.


Leadership team

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

Founder & CEO


15 years experience as an electrical and control engineer. Managed technical development teams, SMEs, and startup companies. Focused on development of power flow technologies since 2016. Author of patents for power flow control devices and systems.

Roberto Ricci

Roberto Ricci

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer


Over 15 years international energy industry business development, funding, and M&A experience including developing and implementing strategies for renewable power generation and battery storage startups. A previous entrepreneur having founded, built and sold his own company.

Our partners

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